Total Traffic Management

An industry-changing startup!

Increasing the effectiveness of the vehicle GPS tracking industry


Total Traffic Management

Our main goal is to enable existing vehicle GPS tracking companies for better services. 


Therefore, we have created a simple yet useful electronic device that can transform ordinary monitoring based solutions into actual regulatory services.

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Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA)

A device that combined with any GPS tracker, limits the speed of the vehicle in real-time,

according to the speed limit set on the current section of the road.

ISA is controlled through a GPS tracker via the Navigation Platform. The speed can be controlled automatically, using Speed API, or an end-user can create a custom limitation map.

The device is a Plug-and-go principle, which is installed on an acceleration pedal and is compatible with almost every vehicle, including hybrid and electric cars.

    Simply! the driver can no longer exceed the established limit and will automatically obey the law.


Perfect Fit

We considered every aspect of the device 

to make it easy to integrate into the existing vehicle GPS tracking solutions.

With this one simple device, we improve all existing vehicle GPS tracking services,

starting from the fuel economy to immobilizer.


Our device is compatible with most GPS trackers presented on the European market.

We made an installation process as easy as possible

and achieved a plug-and-go result.

Therefore, retrofitting a big fleet is not a hassle anymore.


This transition improves all existing vehicle GPS tracking services

 these are major Benefits :


  • Vehicle speed monitoring

  • Driver behavior monitoring

  • Fuel monitoring

  • Immobilizer


  • Vehicle speed regulation in Real-time

  • Driver behavior regulation in Real-time

  • Minimized fuel consumption

  • Advanced Immobilizer

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Our Partners

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The TTM team was established in early 2018.

A balanced team with a common goal, after each "fuckup" we go together to have a beer, then starting up over and over again. relevant experience and skills for accomplishing startup challenges. 

our favorite expression: What doesn't kills us, makes us stronger... 

if you don't believe it, check how strong we are :)

Besides our professional experiences and Georgian accelerators (UG Startup Factory, GITA)

we received training and mentoring from the world's leading accelerators, such as

'GIST - Global Innovation through Science and Technology' 

'Techtown Detroit' 'Startup Wise Guys'  'Buildit'

Vakhtang Iashvili


50% introvert 50% extrovert. 9-year experience in top management, both in private and public structures, 3-year experience in a startup. 

Boiling point 120+ degree

+371 28 975 628
+995 599 320 433

Giorgi Esvanjia


100% extrovert. with 9-year of experience in analysis, appraising, and business development. 3-year experience in a startup. Goal-oriented.

Best at team-play

+371 28 858 420
+995 577 900 061

Revaz Kakabadze


Typical CTO, with 6-year experience in electronic engineering and GPS technology. 3-year experience in a startup. Goal-oriented. sometimes need a push-start, but we know how to do it.

+371 28 858 443
+995 599 687 371


Rīga, Gunāra Astras street 8B, LV-1082

Phone: (+371) 28975628(+371) 28858420

Email:   info@ttm.lv

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